I am excited to announce that Compass Endurance Coaching will be adding Massage Therapy to our portfolio in 2021!  

Rachel, as those of you know, always strives to get to the root-cause of issues with her athletes. How many times have we heard her say “it’s in the hips” or “kinetic chain” over the years? Her background as a fitness instructor, a run coach, and personal trainer has been an asset in helping her strengthen and correct imbalances which are often responsible for pain when it comes to runners.  However, she has always felt called to add a more holistic approach to her toolbox for her athletes. To do more than refer our clients out to other people for help. To offer more than “rest and see how it feels”.

The timing was never quite right, until recently.  Rachel is currently halfway through her 600 hour certification and very much excelling. She will officially be accepting new massage clients in the fall.  In the interim, Rachel always needs volunteers for  her clinical requirements, especially this spring as she works through her injury assessment class.  Please reach out if you’re interested and are willing to give constructive feedback!  I’m a little biased, but she’s good! She has headed off some niggles that could’ve sidelined my running.

Stay tuned!