I love coaching. I love guiding runners to go faster and farther than they think possible. I love pushing people to their max, then pushing them more. For years I would do this with a bit of hesitation, holding my breath because of the dreaded “I” word- injury. It is very challenging as a coach and an athlete to know where that line is in a training program. Anyone that has worked with me knows that I am a huge proponent of getting to the root cause an issue and not just putting a band-aid on it. Injury is all too common in the running community and I wanted to learn how to help my athletes; so I did something about it. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist in addition to a Run Coach and Personal Trainer. I am really excited for this trifecta; to get you active and keep you active, whether it is for a 100 mile trail race or simply getting out of bed each morning pain-free.

– Rachel