Deeply rooted in trail & ultra adventures, racing, and coaching, we offer services to enable you to achieve your running goals.  Our programs are geared towards athletes who want to take their fitness and performance to the next level.

Whether it is developing a one-time custom training plan or comprehensive personal coaching, we provide services to fit your needs and budget.

If your goal is to PR your next half marathon, improve your ultra-trail marathon performances, to finish your first 100 miler, or somewhere in between, together we can achieve your goals!

Our coaching philosophy is not just focused on performance gains, but more importantly being transparent with the “how & why” behind the theory.   It is important to us that we educate our athletes so they can experience a lifetime of healthy activity.

One-on-One online run coaching with Josh or Rachel.  Here’s what included:

  • Initial consultation (zoom or in-person) to review history & set goals
  • Final Surge online athlete account setup & user tutorial
  • No restrictions on coach correspondence or plan adjustments (Final Surge software)
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom status-check meetings
  • Supplemental training, recovery, & strength information
  • Training & race fueling strategies
  • Race day prep & execution strategies
  • In-person race pacing/crew available (additional cost)
  • Discounted massage price of $50/hr

Contact Josh or Rachel today to learn more. or